David Nathan Flinchum

How Florida Entrepreneurs Can Go Green: Simple Steps to an Eco-Friendly Business

Hey fellow entrepreneurs! If you’re running a business in Florida, you know our state is all about sunshine and shores. But with great beaches comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to protecting our environment. So, how can we make our businesses more eco-friendly? Here’s a simple guide to get you started, written by someone […]

Are Old White Guys Afraid of the Internet?

Hey everyone! I want to share some personal thoughts on a topic that’s been pretty eye-opening for me—net neutrality. Watching the assaults on net neutrality has been a real lesson in how some older folks, especially those in power, are honestly kind of scared of the internet. It’s taught me a lot about fear, control, […]

How the 2024 Election Could Shape Venture Capital for Startups

Hey everyone, let’s dive into something that every startup founder and entrepreneur needs to keep an eye on—the upcoming 2024 election. You might wonder, “What’s politics got to do with venture capital?” Well, a lot more than you might think. The outcome of this election could really shake things up for venture capital availability, which […]

The Green Revolution: How Consumer Demand is Shaping a More Sustainable Tech Industry

green revolution

In the ever-evolving narrative of the tech industry, a new chapter is being written, one where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a fundamental aspect of business strategy. This shift is largely driven by the market’s most powerful force: the consumer. As awareness around environmental issues grows, consumers are increasingly using their purchasing power […]